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As far back as I can remember, I have thought of myself as the white-hatted sheriff (a la John Wayne) who is fighting the bad guys. The first major whipping I received in life was when I was in first grade and took it upon myself to defend another first grader who was being teased and bullied. Rather than learning to keep to myself after that fiasco, I seemingly continued to feel obliged to help the weak, the downtrodden and the oppressed because when I look back, that act of assistance in first grade, was the first of many.

I did not choose immigration law, it chose me. Years after I had already started practicing law, I looked back and realized that, by happenstance, I had fallen into something that suited my character like no other career could.  I have always valued helping the weak versus the strong, the David versus Goliath.

I came to this country as an immigrant in 1979, in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. My “class” of people had no place in the new post-revolution Iran, and I was in desperate need of finding a new “home”. America for me was this Home but it took me more than a decade to finally become legal in this country and feel like I could finally exhale. Those were hard and uncertain years.

My senior associate Michelle Taheripour also comes from a similar background. She too came here after the Iranian Revolution and suffered through years of uncertainty with her immigration status, before she finally became a permanent resident and a United States citizen.

When this firm was founded more than 20 years ago, we had no idea that during this period we would see immigration as an increasingly political issue. With each administration, layers of law and regulation have been added to what was already a convoluted and complicated process. As a result, we have seen an underclass of “illegal aliens” (a term we hate) grow from a few hundred thousand to more than eleven million people. We have also seen rules related to immigration through marriage and work become more cumbersome and difficult, and those seeking the protection of the United States through Asylum and refugee status having to jump through more hoops.

Unlike most other areas of law that deal with the life and liberty of citizens, immigrants have few rights under the law and the U.S. Constitution. This makes being an immigration lawyer, a challenging, frustrating and exhilarating career choice, but one that is also rewarding beyond any other. To be the only one standing between a human being and disaster, to be the hero that advocates for the one who has no voice of his own, to espouse the cause of the fearful, to represent the entrepreneur who will have the next big idea only if given a chance, this is what motivates me, and my associates, and we are privileged to have dedicated our lives to it. 



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Mehrnaz Michelle Taheripour

Attorney at Law

I moved to the United States when I was in my early teens and remember vividly how magical it felt. America had been a beacon of hope and being here was the fulfillment of a dream. My family and I struggled to learn and become “Americans” as fast as we could and to fit in. My struggles, as well as those of my family informs my treatment of my clients. I empathize with them, and take please in helping them, and champion their cause along their path to making America their home. I take the greatest pleasure when I open an envelope bearing good news for my clients and feel, once again, as if I have personally received the right to call this land my own. I believe that immigrants, like all others, deserve to have the best legal representation and strive to offer the best that I can to all my clients. I know one day, those that I help, or their children will be in a position to help others themselves and find my work doubly satisfying because of that.

 Shawn Shahin Sedaghat

Attorney at Law

As an immigrant myself, who struggled to secure residency and eventually became a U.S. citizen, I have a great deal of understanding and empathy for immigrants, and chose immigration law for this specific reason. Immigrants show a deep appreciation of the U.S. and a commitment to making it their home. Despite the difficulties most immigrants face, when asked, they state strongly that they would still come to the U.S. if they were making the choice all over again. Sympathetic attachment to the U.S. is strong as exemplified from the number of immigrants who have a member of their family who served or is on active duty in the U.S. armed forces. The national origins of immigrants to America are changing in conjunction with what is going on in our world, and what U.S. policies dictate. However, one thing remains constant, and that is the appreciation of what it means to be an American.  

G. Gregory Aleksanyan

Attorney at Law

When I became an attorney, finding the right area of law to practice was not very difficult. I had immigrated to the United States along with my family and knew intimately the struggles that immigrants face. Be it learning the ropes in a new land, struggling to settle in and become productive members of the society, or the economic hardships they suffer along the path, had all been part of what I had experienced and witnessed in others in my immigrant community. I take pleasure to see the children of those who were brave enough to set sail to these shores, are now proud citizens of this land, and find their success to be a direct result of the hardships their families were willing to endure. America is built on the backs of immigrants and  I feel that my work as an attorney and advocate on behalf of immigrants is my tribute to America, as well as being a service to my fellow man. I enjoy what I do immensly.    

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